The Emotional State Of Excitement Or Restlessness Which Comes With Hunting For The Perfect Planner

Whoa that was a very long blog post title! I could’ve used the word agitation¬†but it would’ve been less interesting! ūüėČ

So I spent nearly my entire day yesterday just making up my mind which 2013 planner to buy. I don’t feel so comfortable leaving the house without carrying a planner and a pen in my bag. I love making lists (to-dos, shopping, etc.) and I hate forgetting things. I’m a dork like that. And I’ve been like that since High School though I had just started using a planner since ’09.

  1. 2009 – Sterling Executive Planner (green)
  2. 2010 – Sterling Executive Planner (red)
  3. 2011 – Witty Will Save The World’s¬†‚ÄúRelaks, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo Sa Bituka‚ÄĚ Planner
  4. 2012 – MoonLeaf Tea Shop Planner
  5. 2013 – Continue reading… ūüėČ

Here’s my top 5 planners for 2013 (check out the links for photos!):

  • Witty Will Save The World 2013 Diary/Planner – It’s funny yet witty. It can cheer you up when you’re feeling blue about something that has happened in your day. Yours for Php399.
  • The Go Getter’s Planner – If you’re a go getter (who buys a planner who isn’t trying to be one?), this is yours for Php650.
  • The MoonLeaf Tea Shop 2013 Planner – The layout of the pages, simple. And the black cover, elegant. Yours for Php299.
  • Belle de Jour Power Planner – Wardrobe Checklist, Dream Board, Vacation Planner, Menstrual Tracker, Bills and Cash Flow Tracker, Coupons worth Php40k+, BDJ Lifestyle Card. Yours for Php598, Php648, or Php680 (depends on the cover material).
  • Belle de Jour “Eveything Is Possible” Planner – This is a very goals-oriented planner. The layout of the pages, simple and kinda professional.The company behind this planner’s objective¬†is to influence you to simplify your life ‚Äď to make simple goals, and to take one step closer towards each of them every single day. There’s no coupons inside though, and I think it doesn’t come with a BDJ Lifestyle Card either. But if being an achiever is your peg, then this one should be perfect for you. You can have this for Php598.

So I chose the Belle de Jour “Everything Is Possible” as my life map for 2013. I’m still hoping that when it arrives at my doorstep, when I finally open the package and scan the content of the planner, there’s at least a BDJ Lifestyle Card inserted somewhere in the pages. SIGH… crossing my fingers.