Simple Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Cut out processed foods.

  2. Replace soda with tea or carbonated water.

  3. Spend time with yourself.

  4. Plan your workout the night before and set out your clothes.

  5. Get a good night’s rest.

  6. Get moving by doing something you actually enjoy.

  7. Purge negative people from your life.

  8. Purge negativity from yourself.

  9. Say no to oily food.

  10. Cut out sugary foods.

  11. Improve your posture.

  12. Hang out with healthy people.


I’ll #MakeItHappen in 2014 with BDJ Power Planner

I’ve been a planner girl since 2003. Back 2003-2006, I made my own planner out of a normal notepad. 2007, I bought my first ever planner, a black Sterling organizer. 2008, a red Sterling organizer. 2009, a brown Sterling organizer. 2010, another red Sterling organizer. 2011, a Witty Will Save The World planner. 2012, a Moonleaf Tea Shop planner. 2013, a Belle De Jour Everything Is Possible planner.

And for this year, I was torn to get either the BDJ Everything Is Possible OR the BDJ Power Planner. After much mental debate, I chose the latter.

Take a peek of what’s inside. 🙂

January Challenge


Take good care of your soul’s vessel.

  • Drink more water/tea/milk.
  • Eat more fruits & vegetables.
  • Eat more lean meat.
  • Have frequent meals.
  • Take vitamins daily (Iron & vitamin C).
  • Clean, scrub and moisturize body for a whiter & more supple skin.
  • Think happy thoughts and have a positive mindset for a healthier glow.


  • Get a writing job.
  • Get Kawasa budget for printing cost, operational expenses, and other expenditure.
  • Launch Street Chic online shop.
  • Renew


  • Get grades not lower than 1.25 for the preliminary examinations.
  • Self-evaluation of Kawasa staffers.
  • Kawasa tryout.


  • Php13,000


  • Php5,000


  • Welcome to Envy Park by Mina Esguerra
  • All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria

Last Haul for 2013

  • HerBench “Becoming” Body Spray inspired by Kim Chiu
  • Bench Amour “Cuppycake” Body Spray inspired by Anne Curtis
  • Erase Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanser in Avocado
  • Green Cross Sanitizing Gel with Moisture Lock
  • Myra VitaSmooth Shine-free Face Powder with SPF 15 in Light
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Pink Lolita
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder with Milk

I #ChooseToShine with these hair products. Thank you so much, Pantene Philippines and Belle De Jour! ❤

  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth
  • Pantene “Total Damage Care” Daily Intensive Conditioner
  • Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water

We all know what these are. 😉

Lacoste slippers.

  • Last year I #MadeItHappen with Belle De Jour Everything Is Possible. This year I’ll #MakeItHappen with Belle De Jour Power Planner. More photos of this planner on a separate post.
  • And finally, I got my netbook. And it’s red.

How about you? What was your last haul for 2013? 🙂

The Year That Was 2013

When one is a certain age, memories grow fuzzy around the edges. It can happen when you’re 79 or like me, at 24. I find myself forgetting a lot of old yet important details in favor of absorbing day-to-day information. This irks me to no end but then, what are blogs for?

I don’t want to be overly melodramatic here so I’ll keep it short. The past year has been incredibly amazing, for me. 2013 was my year of big leaps of faith. I think I’ve done quite a number of scary jumps this year, some are public, some best left under the hood. While mostly, I’ve stayed put, it was nice to have undergone several changes. It’s the year I finally got to travel the 11 island municipalities of the province of Tawi-Tawi, the year I got married and the year I managed to be a full-pledged Editor-in-Chief of my university’s student publication. It’s a year of discovery, of seeing just how far I can push the envelope. Many of my dreams came true. This gave birth to new aspirations for 2014, naturally!

Here are a few highlights of my 2013. I hope you don’t feel like I’m bragging or anything, as this is just a useful way for me to reference how my year went.

January – February

  • Municipality of Bongao
  • Municipality of Mapun
  • Municipality of Turtle Islands
  • Municipality of Languyan
  • Municipality of Simunul
  • Municipality of Panglima Sugala
  • Municipality of Tandubas
  • Municipality of South Ubian
  • Municipality of Sapa-Sapa
  • Municipality of Sitangkai
  • Municipality of Sibutu
  • Bagged the TCTO Student Publication’s Editor-in-Chief position being the sole passer of the Editorial Exam.

March – April

  • Zamboanga City
  • Butuan City
  • Cagayan de Oro City
  • Bukidnon
  • Iligan City
  • Proved just how strong I am and how independent I can be.
  • Dipolog City
  • Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte


  • Exercised my right to suffrage. Voted for the first time.
  • Got married to my then-boyfriend, Raja.
  • Moved in to our little love nest.


  • Enrolled as a 2nd year college student taking up BS Statistics.


  • Organized KAWASA staff.
  • Bagged the BEST TABLE Award at the Joint Induction Ball & Acquaintance K-Pop Revo.
  • Started to FAST.
  • Got my 2nd LandBank ATM card.


  • Celebrated Eid with family and friends. Wore abaya.
  • Cosplay-ed during my Lit1 play. I was Aladdin.
  • The College Editors Guild of the Philippines contacted me and invited my staff to the Lanog 2013.


  • Got sponsored products. Tokyo Love Shop and Hayan Korea.


  • Shifted course from BS Statistics to AB English.
  • Zamboanga City
  • Iligan City
  • Marawi City
  • Published the comeback issue of KAWASA.


  • Turned 24 and made peace with my age.

That’s as far as I can remember. Photos will be posted at a later date. I can’t find my photos right now because this laptop I’m currently using is new and I haven’t transferred my files here yet. Happy 2014! And may the Year of the Horse be ever in our favor! 🙂

Meet Eryx Kamaru and Annakin Kamaru: My New Bags

It’s not that I’m overwhelmed that I’ve got new bags (Thank you, hubby Raja!). It’s just that I’m happy that I realized how convenient it is to use a backpack for school. As my college life progressed, I noticed that small bags couldn’t anymore carry what I was required to. So, I made a decision to sport a “real” school bag. And here they are, Eryx Kamaru (7.5 kilos load capacity) and Annakin Kamaru (6.5 kilos load capacity). See, aren’t they normal. I mean, they really look like bags. And they also do what bags can – they could carry all the things I want! 🙂

How to Gain Weight

You read that right. Sometimes, being skinny isn’t something that you want. While all my friends gush at how slim I am, I really don’t like it. I personally think that being skinny is not appealing. The grass is always greener on the other side, so they say. If you are fat, you want to be skinny. If you are skinny, you want to put on some weight.

I don’t want to just stuff my mouth with unhealthy foods (junkies, sodas, burgers, pizzas, fries) though. I want to put on some weight to be and to appear more healthy.

Eat Foods with HIGH-PROTEIN and HIGH-CALORIE Content

  • meat, bread, rice, potatoes, dried fruits and nuts
  • beans, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce , carrots, spinach, asparagus, squash, eggplants
  • milk, milk shakes, cheese, eggs, ice cream

Eat Eat Eat!

Eat three meals a day, plus two to three snacks in between meals. Never skip breakfast and always include an egg in your breakfast. Do not drink water before meals. After a meal wait for about 10 minutes before drinking water. Avoid coffee and sodas (I guess I’ll have to stick with Lipton Milk Tea).

So that’s it. Wish me luck on my journey to a more appealing, healthier version of me. 🙂

My Birthday Wish List (Plus Birthday Giveaway! -closed-)

Yes, I am a December baby. And today is my birthday, my 24th. You only get to celebrate your birthday once a year, so you might as well enjoy it. Surprisingly, my idea of celebrating my birthday changed as time years went by. Dati, it’s by how many gifts I receive. Or how many things that I want I get to buy. Ngayon, a healthy mix of both nalang. Kidding. 🙂

I just want a stress-free day for my birthday. Nothing really fancy and grand.

I just want to spend a peaceful day with myself. I want to think of and prioritize myself. I don’t want to think about problems. I want to eat, sleep, and watch movies.

Oh and this wallet! 🙂

My current wallet, a Lacoste, is so bulky and manly. I want this wallet because it’s cute and girly (Hello Kitty, duh!), it’s made of soft leather, and it’s red. Red signifies abundance.

My Birthday Giveaway

If you’re one of the readers of my blog, thank you so much, you’re one of God’s blessings to me. Here’s the giveaway, as promised.

I am giving away Hayan Korea Shower Cologne + Hair Accessories! 🙂

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • This giveaway is open to all Philippine Residents only.
  • Participants must be at least 15 years old.
  • No dummy accounts (Facebook and Twitter).

How to Join the Giveaway:

  1. LIKE Hayan Korea on Facebook.
  2. ADD Della Matba as a friend on Facebook.
  3. SHARE this giveaway to your friends. Just post this to your wall/timeline – Join the Bespectacled Beauty’s Birthday Giveaway at .
  4. FOLLOW @dellamatba on Twitter.
  5. TWEET this giveaway to your friends. Just tweet this – Join the Bespectacled Beauty’s Birthday Giveaway at .
  6. LEAVE your name and email address on the comment section below.

P.S. I will announce the lucky winner 7 days from now (on December 8). I will shoulder the shipping fee.

There were only 3 valid entrants. I used to pick out a winner. And the winner is…

Chugha haeyo, Nikki Mariz Depay!

Please PM me your address! I’ll ship the goodies to you this weekend! 🙂

The Bespectacled Beauty’s Life Updates

Ohmygollywow! It’s been almost a month since my last activity on this blog! (*gasp)

Sorry for that. Moving on, I have A LOT to tell you guys. SIGH. I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s start with the latest.


So last week (last Wednesday – November 13), I boarded on a plane heading to Zamboanga City for the printing of our campus publication, KAWASA, in which I am the Editor-in-Chief. I asked a total number of 5 Printing & Publishing House to accommodate our printing need but they all declined for they are busy printing election paraphernalia. There is one publishing house who offered to cater our printing need but their quote is way expensive (more than double our expense budget) and without the assurance that they would finish the job within a week’s time. So the next day (last Thursday – November 14), I boarded on a bus heading to Iligan City. Ma’am Inday of Ivory Printing & Publishing House was kind enough to accommodate KAWASA’s printing need only a peso pricier than our expense budget. Plus, Ma’am Inday assured me that within 4 days’ time, they would finish printing. And true to her words, in the 4th day, the goods was already ready to be picked up. I thought what I’ll be nannying back to Tawi-Tawi would only weigh about 15kilos. I was shocked when the publishing house’s staff weighed the goods. More or less 83kilos. How would I transport a thing that’s double my weight?!… Good thing Bruce Rhick Estillote, my trusted high school friend, was there to help me find a cab and help me settle on the bus heading to Zamboanga City. It was a bus that has the most uncomfortable seat ever, by the way. I arrived in Zamboanga City (November 18) around 3am and was picked up by Chatee Saluan, my husband and I’s friend. By Wednesday (November 20), I was on board Cebu Pacific plane to Tawi-Tawi. I survived.


This 2nd semester of A.Y. 2013-2014, I am enrolled in 6 subjects (18 units). Though in our school, you can’t gain scholarship in just a semester (2 semesters of excellent grades), still I’ll try. My aim for this semester is to be a President’s Lister (GPA of 1.24 and higher). I just want to experience being one, just for the heck of it. I have already visualized myself achieving the goal and I had goosebumps. Hahha!


I bought shoes, backpack, pashmina veils and a skirt in Marawi City’s shopping center, Padian. I bought toiletries and other cosmetic products in Watson’s (Iligan City branch). I bought Queen of Babble book in Book Sale. I also bought back-to-school necessities and a couple arm (and finger) candies. A couple of stuff here were bought by my hubby. He insisted on buying me things. I didn’t object. teehee



















Important announcement: My birthday is in a week! I’ll be hosting a giveaway! Stay tuned! 🙂