The One Excruciating Thing Successful People Do In The Morning

Successful people…

Get out of bed early. That’s right, it’s all about shaking off the sleep and jumping out of bed. This is the #1 thing successful people do every morning. This separates them among the rest of mankind because admit it, getting up early in the morning takes a great deal of willpower. Our mistress the bed is just so warm and cozy, begging us to stay, never letting go. I used to wake up at 3am (for exams and academic competitions) or at 5am (during normal days). Now I wake up usually around 8am. I don’t know what happened.


Writing Job – 1st Week

So today is my deadline. I have to create 8 articles about a couple tech products. The problem is that I just can’t concentrate on doing what I should do. It’s 4:33pm and I haven’t even taken a shower yet. Gross, I know, but this is my blog/diary and I want to be painfully honest, even to myself, all the more to myself.

I have to come up with 8 articles by the end of the day so that my employer can send me a ko-kard. I need the ko-kard to get my wage. And I need my wage as I’m planning to make a trip somewhere on the 3rd week.

I wish milk & cookies or a fruit plate or a tub of ice cream would magically appear on my side as I’m chasing my deadline. Please please please.


milk'n cookiesfruit plate

I Can Feel Complacency Creeping In

The moment something starts feeling like work – and not like an adventure – is the moment it’s my responsibility to change it. Not because I don’t like to work hard, but because there’s a difference between work that feels like it, and work that doesn’t.

So I’ve been taking some time to do some thinking, as of late.