On Dreams, Drive, and a Few Realizations

I miss fangirling on Taylor Swift. There’s just something in her aura which inspires me to do more and spurs me to believe that I, too, can do it. I can be that happy. I can smile the way she smiles. And I could care less what others think of me because hey, I have earned my keep and I’m totally independent. Shhh. After this post I’m going to type in her name on Google and download every song and every photo she has online. I’m going to play her songs on loop on my Windows Media Player. I’m going to make a collage of her photos and post them all over my walls. Crazy and scary, I know.

For the last months I had been busy. Heck, I’m still busy. I got tons of things to do. But for even one blog post in a week? What excusity. I used to be not like this. But well, we all have different circumstances and clearly for me a few happenstances got in the way.

It used to be not like this in school, either. But maybe I just wasn’t living. I was being in the moment but I was not living, truly living, in those moments. Being a public figure has consequences, after all. Good public figures who don’t have detractors? Only in the movies. In real life, even if you are a good public figure, even if you strive for dignity and integrity and truth all the time, even if you have done nothing wrong, you still get bad publicity, you still get detractors. Happening to me in real life, and boy was my world rocked in a bad way.

I watched movies the whole day. The Road to Paloma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Internship, Noah, and Need for Speed. Then I slept. I woke up around 7:00pm. I didn’t rise. I paused to think. I asked myself, what happened? What happened to me? Where are all those dreams I had? Didn’t I dream to one day drive a race car and race in the GrandPrix (something like that) in Monaco? Didn’t I dream of drinking red wine from a wine glass, wearing a black two-piece bikini, my shades up, while cruising on a white yacht? Didn’t I dream of wearing high-end designer outfits on every cocktail dinner meetings I am going to supposedly attend? Didn’t I dream of doing something so big, of being something so big and important to make my parents proud? To get their hardly sought smiles of parental pride? Where did all those big dreams go? When did I start to be this pessimistic about life? I was the goddamn optimistic girl. I took pride in that one good trait I had while I was in one of the darkest periods of my life.

Then it dawned on me. I let it happen. I stopped believing. I stopped believing in myself. I gave in to giving up. I gave up expecting great things from myself. I gave up trying hard. It all didn’t happen in a day. That day by day, I was so retarded that I let my dreams slip – no, go – one by one.

Realizing that, I decided it’s high time. It’s high time to claim and own my dreams back. It’s high time I believe in myself. It’s high time I do, be, act my dreams. It’s high time I believe in Taylor Swift, in Steve Jobs, and in every great person who came from humble beginnings but has made a dent in the universe, again. I can do it.


The Top Commandments of a Superwoman

Achieving a balance between personal life and work life is the ultimate goal of most career men and women. Though a mission hard to accomplish at the onset, you don’t need superpowers to eventually get the drift of an effective system which allows for a truly productive, well-spent, and fairly allocated time for work and play.

Pulling off this balance is a challenge. There’ll be times when the line separating the two will be blurred, and that’s acceptable only to a certain extent. If you find this happening often to you, however, a possible culprit (no kidding!) is your time management. You may consider the thought laughable, but operating on an efficient one will save you from suffering from work overload and stress. There are a lot of what-ifs and could’ve beens that don’t need to arise if only you are more cautious about making use of the time on your hands wisely.

Yes, the time is in your hands, and the only power you actually have within you is the power to control how things go around your clock. Indeed, there may be times when things are beyond your control, but knowing how to work your way around the things you have control with in order to ultimately get your task done is where good time management comes to play.

It can sound really complicated especially since there’s no formula to master the art of time management, and a lot of books on this topic will tell you a lot of different ways to supposedly help you — which can all just get hard to follow in the process and overwhelming in the end. Keep in mind that when it comes to this “craft,” what works for someone else may not work for you and the other way around, so devise a strategy you know is best and, most importantly, doable for you and something you can stick with for the long haul.

Rules To Live By
  1. THOU SHALL BE ORGANIZED. This quality is the greatest ally of time management. Why, when you’re organized, you have everything covered systematically — like having all your schedules (be it tentative!) penciled in on a desk calendar and/or a notebook planner so you’re constantly reminded and therefore don’t miss a thing, ensuring all your important files are properly labeled and stored so that when you need them you won’t have to waste time rummaging through all your stuff, and/or making a tracking sheet of your to-dos with corresponding deadlines so you can not only keep track of your progress but also be aware of your pending tasks — and be able to act on them the soonest possible time.
  2. THOU SHALL BE PROMPT. Having this trait of getting-things-done-when-they-need-to-be done will save you any future hassle. Reply to texts and emails as soon as you can and don’t put it off unless really unavoidable — because otherwise, there’s a big tendency for you to forget it altogether. If you’re not quick to act, your task at hand will carry over to the following day, thus posing a problematic case of domino effect to the next tasks which await you.
  3. THOU SHALL NOT BE LATE. Because when you are, it commonly ruins one’s day. You know what they say, “Start your day right.” What’s more, when you’re late for appointments and meet-ups, you’ve already lost precious time you can never get back, not to mention painting an unpleasant image of yourself for being tardy. As for deadlines, it can never be emphasized enough how important it is to submit on time (even earlier!), so you still have leeway should something unexpected crop up.
  4. THOU SHALL DO A TO-DO LIST. This may be written in a small notepad or notebook, on a cute little whiteboard on your work area, or a note on your tablet. There are different ways to go about this. You can either jot the tasks down on a daily or per period/time frame basis. It will be such a relief to see them getting ticked one by one.
  5. THOU SHALL WORK IN ORDER OF PRIORITY. This tip further expounds on the advantage of a to-do list. Following this hierarchy of sorts makes a big difference in your productivity. Get the big chunk of your work out earliest then work through the moderately heavy stuff, and finally the smallest and lightest ones.
  6. THOU SHALL HAVE YOUR SCHEDULER HANDY. As soon as you find out about a particular meeting/appointment, take note of it right away (and please, don’t just mental note it), and having your organizer with you will immediately help you determine if you’re free or not, plus you get to avoid having overlapping schedules.
  7. THOU SHALL STAY FOCUSED. Don’t let yourself get distracted with everything going on around you. In the workplace, for example, it may work for you if you put on earphones or headphones to eliminate extraneous variables in the environment which could distract your work flow.
  8. THOU SHALL MULTITASK TO A MINIMUM. Sounds contradicting, yes, but when you think about it, it actually makes sense. While it is good to multitask, this habit, when not practiced properly, could only leave you a pile of tasks only half-done. This tip is related to the previous one, as it doesn’t hurt staying focused on one thing first and making sure that’s complete before proceeding to the next. When your head is also clouded with too many thoughts and your full attention is not in what you’re doing, you may produce some mediocre output.
  9. THOU SHALL LEARN WHEN TO SAY “NO” — OR “LATER.” You can’t do everything in a day’s time, so don’t force it. Doing so could only mean wasted time in the end. Postpone unnecessary activities until your work responsibilities are done. If you really can’t say “no” to something, try “later.” When you entertain a distraction, it’s usually hard to regain your momentum or your train of thought.
  10. THOU SHALL GIVE LEEWAY FOR SETBACKS THAT MAY ARISE. When you fix your daily activities, you have to be realistic with your system of scheduling, something you can follow as planned.
  11. THOU SHALL MAKE WAITING TIME USEFUL. Personally, I hate doing nothing at any given time which I feel could actually be useful for something. I suggest you always bring stuff that can serve you well, like a book to read, or a tablet to surf the Net with, while waiting. Even time in transit can be used for replying to texts and deleting messages from your inbox and sent items.
  12. THOU SHALL AVOID PROCRASTINATION. When you’re procrastinating, you stop in the middle of something to go ahead and do something else. This is a mortal sin in time management because it makes you feel like you’re already quota for the day, when in reality, you haven’t really accomplished much yet.
  13. THOU SHALL STOP BEING A WORRYWART. The time you spend worrying about something could instead be spent wisely on thinking or, better yet, finding a solution for pressing problems.
  14. THOU SHALL ALLOW YOURSELF A SHORT BREAK. You need a breather, of course. Have coffee and snacks. This break can re-energize you and motivate you to accomplish more things.

With everything on your plate, mental noting just won’t cut it anymore. You need to have some tools with you to help make things more smooth flowing for you.

1) Clock or wristwatch.

2) Desk calendar.

3) Organizer or planner.

4) Tablet.

5) Pens.

6) Highlighters.

7) Memo pads.

8) File holders.

All the tips here work on a case to case basis, and it’s really up to you to learn and adapt to the system that best fits your lifestyle. But one thing’s for sure, they work on achieving one goal — that is, help you get something done and over with at the schedule they need to be done.

Dealing with Criticism

…or learning to think positively in the face of negativity. Here’s the scenario:

You’ve just started a new blog and posted your first entry. Your friends’ comments have come pouring in: “Great site!” “You write so well!” “Keep ‘em coming!” But as you scroll down, five words catch your eye: “What a waste of space.”

That single sentence eats at your confidence. Despite all the wonderful things everyone else has said, that one line troubles you the whole day. You question your writing skill. You wonder whether you should keep blogging at all.

Criticism almost always carries more weight than praise. Psychologists say it’s because positive remarks are easy to process, while negative ones need to be digested and analyzed by the brain. But whatever the reason, the important thing is learning to deal with the criticism you receive. For instance, how do you forget the time your teacher told you your report deserved a barely passing grade? Or the day your mom said you don’t have the talent to fulfill your dreams of becoming an artist so you should just focus on what you’re good at?

As tough as it may be, there are ways to take criticism with grace. Leo Babauta, the man behind ZenHabits.net, suggests following these four steps:

  1. STOP YOUR FIRST REACTION. Instead of throwing a tantrum or spitting a biting comeback at your critic, take a deep breath and walk away (literally and figuratively). Let the criticism sink in before responding. It keeps you from saying anything you’ll later regret.
  2. TURN NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES. Even the meanest, rudest comments have a nugget of positivity in them. The trick is to spot that bit of honest feedback. For example, “What a waste of space” can be read as, “You need to find more interesting topics to write about.”
  3. THANK YOUR CRITIC. No matter how harsh they can be, critics are people too. Maybe they’re having a bad day or maybe they’re naturally negative. But quick, sincere thanks from you will catch them off-guard – and you might even end up making their day. What’s more, you get to file this as something helpful and move on.
  4. LEARN FROM THE CRITICISM. Now it’s time to act. Apply the feedback you’ve received. You might take your friend’s advice and look for fun topics for your blog as well as find more creative ways of writing about them. Or you could listen to your mother and take art classes, but also hone your natural talent at sports. What matters is that you use the criticism and make yourself better through concrete action.

Keeping these four steps in mind, how about a little mining exercise? Let’s dig through a few common criticisms until we find the useful suggestions they hide. Then we’ll decide on a course of action.

The Negative: “You’ve gained so much weight!” or “You are so skinny you look like a scrawny witch!”

The Useful Suggestion: You should care about your health.

The Action: Start taking your diet and exercise seriously. You could begin a regular jogging routine with your friends (much cheaper than a gym membership), incorporate healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and lean meats, and stay away from chips and chocolate (well maybe you can eat a small portion of dark chocolate of at least 70% cocoa content everyday). The effort will benefit you in the long run.

The Negative: “She’s prettier than you.” or “You’re not pretty enough.”

The Useful Suggestion: Learn to be better at something other than smiling.

The Action: Your face isn’t your only weapon. Venture out of your comfort zone and try new things! The search for a hidden talent is one of the most enjoyable things life has to offer. And once you find what you’re truly good at, work on perfecting it. Eventually you’ll find yourself too busy to worry about how you look.

The Negative: “You’re such a nerd!”

The Useful Suggestion: Loosen up!

The Action: School is important — no doubt about it — but you don’t have to spend all of your time studying. Unbutton your collar; let your hair down! Go to a party or two. It’s all right to take it easy once in a while. You’re probably a lot more fun than you realize.

The Negative: “You’re not smart enough.”

The Useful Suggestion: Spend less time watching television and more time learning new things.

The Action: Open your mind to challenges. Read a classic book. Watch a Discovery Channel documentary. Go see an artistic film. As fun as a full-season marathon of Gossip Girl is, a day spent on the couch tends to dull the mind. Keep yourself sharp through thought-provoking tasks.

The Negative: “You’re no good at this.”             

The Useful Suggestion: Get better.

The Action: We’re not always naturally blessed with talent at the things we want to do. For instance, you may dream of becoming a ballerina someday, but stretching and exercise wears you out after a few minutes. Or you want to become a novelist someday, but your English grades are in the dumps. There’s only one solution: practice. Work on it, and then when you think you’ve reached the skill level you aimed for, work on it some more.

Remember that when it comes to taking criticism well, it’s all about spinning the negative to make it useful to you. Learn to stay humble and accept others’ suggestions openly and with gratitude. You’ll be helping others help you become a better person.

Self-Esteem Boosters (DIY Morale Boost)

Maybe you were in a fight with your best friend. Maybe you didn’t get the part you wanted in a play you auditioned for. Or maybe you failed a big exam. The point is, you’re having a bad day and you need something to make you feel better about yourself. On days like these, it’s useful to have some feel-good tricks up your sleeve.

Here are seven foolproof suggestions for instant smiles! 🙂

  1. Do something you’ve been putting off. Clean your room, sign up for that photography class, get your hair and nails done. Whatever it is you’ve been meaning to do but never made time for, now’s your chance to make it happen. Crossing off even one item on that to-do list will make you feel competent and productive.
  2. Make a list of your best qualities and achievements. As you wrap up one list, why not write another? Sit down and think of the high points in your life and the things you love about yourself. It can be anything from a contest you won in grade school to the fact that you like your skin color. Come up with at least ten things and you’re guaranteed to end up smiling,
  3. Do something you’re good at. Nothing boosts morale like a reminder of your talents. If you happen to be an ace at video games, bust out that first-person shooting game and go nuts. If you’re a writer, jot down a short story or poem that reflects your mood. If you’re a singer, turn up your favorite song and belt it out as high and as loud as you can. You’ll feel like a winner in no time.
  4. Get some exercise. The benefits of physical activity are endless. Sweat out your stress and start the road to fitness at the same time. Run, swim, play a sport, or hit the gym. It’s scientifically proven that a good workout boosts a person’s general sense of well-being… and at the very least, you’ll be too tired to feel bad.
  5. Relax. Release the negativity in you by taking the time to do something that eases your muscles and calms your mind. Get a massage at your local spa or sign up for a session of yoga. If you don’t want to spend anything, take a nap — sleep is known to improve your mood and your energy levels.
  6. Treat yourself to something yummy. A little sugar in your system can’t hurt at this point, so why not allow yourself on a mini-binge on your favorite chocolate? You can cool your hot head with some ice cream, or even better, with a refreshing fruit shake. Satisfy a food craving and you’ll find yourself smiling again. Just be careful not to overdo it.
  7. Watch a TV show or read a book that makes you laugh. Comedy is a quick cure for the blues. Spend a little time with the Modern Family gang, or have a How I Met Your Mother marathon. Other sitcoms you may want to try are The Big Bang Theory and Community. For the bibliophiles out there, try Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras by Cathy Hopkins or Louise Rennison’s Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgina Nicolson. Warning: you may find yourself in fits of giggles.

A Self-Lecture On Doing More and Being More

Everyone now is a multi-hyphenate. A racketeer. A go-getter. Use whichever term you want to, it all means the same thing. We are a generation that wants to do more and be more. We demand more of ourselves and out of the talents and abilities given to us. Gone are the days that only the students at the top of the class get noticed; hey, the student blogger may even be more popular than the school’s queen bee. Just because you are the boss of your unit doesn’t mean you are the most liked; the opinionated student-by-day, artist-by-night could have a more influential network of contacts than you. It’s a good thing I think, because we all have different things to bring to the table, we all deserve credit, and we all get our time to shine.

And just how do we get things done and be better? By making the most of what is given to us and knowing how to maximize what we have. And since we know ourselves and what we want more than anyone else, there are times we just have to take matters into our own hands and get things done ourselves.

One important note though: do not spread yourself too thinly. A piece of advice I hold dear to me, is to “stay true to your core.” If you feel you are veering away from who you really are and what your heart holds to be true, then reel yourself back in. Be more without losing yourself; be more by making a better version of yourself.

My Birthday Wish List (Plus Birthday Giveaway! -closed-)

Yes, I am a December baby. And today is my birthday, my 24th. You only get to celebrate your birthday once a year, so you might as well enjoy it. Surprisingly, my idea of celebrating my birthday changed as time years went by. Dati, it’s by how many gifts I receive. Or how many things that I want I get to buy. Ngayon, a healthy mix of both nalang. Kidding. 🙂

I just want a stress-free day for my birthday. Nothing really fancy and grand.

I just want to spend a peaceful day with myself. I want to think of and prioritize myself. I don’t want to think about problems. I want to eat, sleep, and watch movies.

Oh and this wallet! 🙂

My current wallet, a Lacoste, is so bulky and manly. I want this wallet because it’s cute and girly (Hello Kitty, duh!), it’s made of soft leather, and it’s red. Red signifies abundance.

My Birthday Giveaway

If you’re one of the readers of my blog, thank you so much, you’re one of God’s blessings to me. Here’s the giveaway, as promised.

I am giving away Hayan Korea Shower Cologne + Hair Accessories! 🙂

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • This giveaway is open to all Philippine Residents only.
  • Participants must be at least 15 years old.
  • No dummy accounts (Facebook and Twitter).

How to Join the Giveaway:

  1. LIKE Hayan Korea on Facebook.
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P.S. I will announce the lucky winner 7 days from now (on December 8). I will shoulder the shipping fee.

There were only 3 valid entrants. I used random.org to pick out a winner. And the winner is…

Chugha haeyo, Nikki Mariz Depay!

Please PM me your address! I’ll ship the goodies to you this weekend! 🙂

The Bespectacled Beauty’s Life Updates

Ohmygollywow! It’s been almost a month since my last activity on this blog! (*gasp)

Sorry for that. Moving on, I have A LOT to tell you guys. SIGH. I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s start with the latest.


So last week (last Wednesday – November 13), I boarded on a plane heading to Zamboanga City for the printing of our campus publication, KAWASA, in which I am the Editor-in-Chief. I asked a total number of 5 Printing & Publishing House to accommodate our printing need but they all declined for they are busy printing election paraphernalia. There is one publishing house who offered to cater our printing need but their quote is way expensive (more than double our expense budget) and without the assurance that they would finish the job within a week’s time. So the next day (last Thursday – November 14), I boarded on a bus heading to Iligan City. Ma’am Inday of Ivory Printing & Publishing House was kind enough to accommodate KAWASA’s printing need only a peso pricier than our expense budget. Plus, Ma’am Inday assured me that within 4 days’ time, they would finish printing. And true to her words, in the 4th day, the goods was already ready to be picked up. I thought what I’ll be nannying back to Tawi-Tawi would only weigh about 15kilos. I was shocked when the publishing house’s staff weighed the goods. More or less 83kilos. How would I transport a thing that’s double my weight?!… Good thing Bruce Rhick Estillote, my trusted high school friend, was there to help me find a cab and help me settle on the bus heading to Zamboanga City. It was a bus that has the most uncomfortable seat ever, by the way. I arrived in Zamboanga City (November 18) around 3am and was picked up by Chatee Saluan, my husband and I’s friend. By Wednesday (November 20), I was on board Cebu Pacific plane to Tawi-Tawi. I survived.


This 2nd semester of A.Y. 2013-2014, I am enrolled in 6 subjects (18 units). Though in our school, you can’t gain scholarship in just a semester (2 semesters of excellent grades), still I’ll try. My aim for this semester is to be a President’s Lister (GPA of 1.24 and higher). I just want to experience being one, just for the heck of it. I have already visualized myself achieving the goal and I had goosebumps. Hahha!


I bought shoes, backpack, pashmina veils and a skirt in Marawi City’s shopping center, Padian. I bought toiletries and other cosmetic products in Watson’s (Iligan City branch). I bought Queen of Babble book in Book Sale. I also bought back-to-school necessities and a couple arm (and finger) candies. A couple of stuff here were bought by my hubby. He insisted on buying me things. I didn’t object. teehee



















Important announcement: My birthday is in a week! I’ll be hosting a giveaway! Stay tuned! 🙂

The One Excruciating Thing Successful People Do In The Morning

Successful people…

Get out of bed early. That’s right, it’s all about shaking off the sleep and jumping out of bed. This is the #1 thing successful people do every morning. This separates them among the rest of mankind because admit it, getting up early in the morning takes a great deal of willpower. Our mistress the bed is just so warm and cozy, begging us to stay, never letting go. I used to wake up at 3am (for exams and academic competitions) or at 5am (during normal days). Now I wake up usually around 8am. I don’t know what happened.

Time Management Tips for Myself

How you manage your time is how you manage your life, so they say. I’ve got the priciest planner among my friends but it seems like I’m the one who is still so bad at time management. I don’t even open my planner to list out my to-dos or activities anymore. Listing out to-dos and not being able to follow through is just so disappointing.

This year isn’t like the past years when I was used to wearing only two hats at most, being a student and a freelance writer. This year I’m wearing four hats — I’m a student, I’m a university publication’s Editor-in-Chief, I’m a wife, and I’m a freelance writer.

Creative ideas still spill out of my brain and I just jot them down on whichever notebook or sheet of paper that’s in my line of sight at that moment. When I think about something very creative (and life changing, sometimes), the dull and not-so-creative pessimist side of my being keeps reminding me of to-dos still not followed through and I just become overwhelmed. Then I become stunned and I feel cornered, not able to do anything but think about how bad my situation is. And then it would take a couple days for me to bounce back to my usual chirpy, can-do attitude. I’m in my chirpy, can-do attitude this very moment. So I guess you can already guess the predicament I was in a few days ago.

My mornings usually begin with my husband waking me up a couple of times before I actually wakes up. I have coffee, I shower, I dress up, I go to school. In my haste I don’t get to have a proper breakfast. I return home from school by around 5:00pm or 6:00pm. I change into home clothes, my husband or I or sometimes the both of us prepare dinner, we eat, I lay in our bed to rest for a little bit while mentally recalling what I need to do for tomorrow, and then I doze off.

I’m a pretty perfectionist individual so whenever I slack off, intentionally or not, I feel very bad. So in order to lessen (if not eliminate) my slacking off or procrastination due to the overwhelming demands of my four hats, I felt the necessity to write this article.

Time management tailored for my schedule:

  1. Update your planner and make a to-do list. Tick off to-dos you have already accomplished and list out to-dos for the next day.
  2. Prepare your wardrobe, including your school bag. Pick out the clothes you feel like wearing for the morrow and stash in your school bag what you need to bring. This way you’ll be all set to dress and go in the morning.
  3. Study time (8:00 to 11:00pm). Have a consistent study time each night so that it becomes a habit.
  4. Get your beauty sleep. You don’t want to feel like you’re a walking dead the next day.
  5. Wake up and go for a short run (4:30am). Read/listen to inspirational/motivational books/audio books.
  6. Review (5:30am). Take a glance of your notes. Never ever study in public.
  7. Take a shower.
  8. Dress up.
  9. Have some coffee and eat something.
  10. Go to school 30minutes before class.

Some more helpful tips:

  • Eat the frogs first. Get rid of the tough stuff. These are the things that you don’t want to do, but actually need to do.
  • Face your anxiety and conquer it. Don’t let even a small dose of anxiety make you buckle down.
  • Do not, I repeat, do not procrastinate. This is to avoid cursing yourself in the morning.
  • Tidy room, tidy mind. Free your mind of clutter.

I’m Making Progress, Albeit Slowly

For the first sentence, look at the title. The past two weeks? I felt like not doing anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Even tidying the bed in the morning-anything. I felt physically, mentally and emotionally tired. I just declined any effort to do anything. It was like I was a dead fish, going with the flow.

After a complete rest, I woke up this afternoon feeling like doing a mad dash to do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I arranged the clothes, organized the vanity table, arranged the growing collection of shoes, organized my study/working station. I even managed to list out my to-do’s for tonight and tomorrow.

My mom called me and I’m really thankful she did. Nowadays it is my family and a few friends from school who keep me sane. She asked me about the upcoming student publication tryout. I’m happy she’s still very supportive and still trying to understand me despite what happened. I’m somehow thankful what happened, happened. My mom and dad and I and my siblings grew closer to each other.

I’m feeling good tonight, too, as I am trying to be more understanding towards my husband. He had this very serious expression and I can tell something stresses him, so I got the massage ointment and offered him a backrub. I am trying to be more patient about marriage, too. From now on I will just be myself, for no matter what I do I will be criticized anyway. Civility is the key.

This is it for now. I’ll add another category to my posts about my married life. I’ll make writing regularly here as an outlet.