Smart Snacking Ideas

Stock up on these brain-boosting treats! 🙂

Green Tea

While the caffeine helps stimulate your brain, green tea also contains catechins, which has been found to improve memory-related learning.


Fish contains iodine, which improves mental clarity. Fish oil is also high in omega-3 fatty acids — a good source of DHA, which is essential for the maintenance of your nervous system.


The monounsaturated fat in avocados is great for heart health — and it also improves blood flow to the brain.


They’re not called “brain food” for nothing. Nuts are a good source of vitamin E, which helps prevent poor memory.


Egg yolks are the best source of choline, an amino acid that’s been called the brain’s “memory architect.” It’s one of the most essential components of brain cells.


Oatmeal has been called the perfect food for brain health since it’s so easy to prepare and great for concentration. Try eating it as well as other whole-grain foods like cereal and wheat bread.


The lycopene in tomatoes is a great anti-oxidant which protects brain cells against damage that could lead to dementia.


Aside from being great for providing calcium, broccoli is also packed with vitamin K — a nutrient known to enhance cognitive function.


Healthy Breakfast Option #2


I looooove eggs for breakfast. And I like my eggs half-cooked. That way I can really taste the yummy goodness of the egg yolks.

I pretty much did a great job in cooking these egg babies today. 🙂

P.S. My boyfriend, Raja, cooks the best eggs ever. Too bad he wasn’t able to taste what I had for breakfast today. He’d be proud of me. Lol

P.P.S. It’s my dad’s birthday today. Can you please give him a shoutout in the comment box? Happy Birthday Papang! ❤

Healthy Breakfast Option #1


I’ve always been a coffee addict. I’ve tried a lot of teas but I haven’t found one that I really like. Until I discovered Lipton Milk Tea while I was browsing the grocery aisle of Midway Plaza yesterday.

Another great find is the new Mini Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Cookies with 90% Reduced Sugar. With less fattening sugar, you can truly crave for more minus the guilt. It even comes in a resealable zip lock pouch which is a plus for me since I can’t really consume a lot of cookies in one sitting. 🙂