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A Self-Lecture On Doing More and Being More

Everyone now is a multi-hyphenate. A racketeer. A go-getter. Use whichever term you want to, it all means the same thing. We are a generation that wants to do more and be more. We demand more of ourselves and out of the talents and abilities given to us. Gone are the days that only the students at the top of the class get noticed; hey, the student blogger may even be more popular than the school’s queen bee. Just because you are the boss of your unit doesn’t mean you are the most liked; the opinionated student-by-day, artist-by-night could have a more influential network of contacts than you. It’s a good thing I think, because we all have different things to bring to the table, we all deserve credit, and we all get our time to shine.

And just how do we get things done and be better? By making the most of what is given to us and knowing how to maximize what we have. And since we know ourselves and what we want more than anyone else, there are times we just have to take matters into our own hands and get things done ourselves.

One important note though: do not spread yourself too thinly. A piece of advice I hold dear to me, is to “stay true to your core.” If you feel you are veering away from who you really are and what your heart holds to be true, then reel yourself back in. Be more without losing yourself; be more by making a better version of yourself.

What do you think?

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