I’m Making Progress, Albeit Slowly

For the first sentence, look at the title. The past two weeks? I felt like not doing anything. And I mean ANYTHING. Even tidying the bed in the morning-anything. I felt physically, mentally and emotionally tired. I just declined any effort to do anything. It was like I was a dead fish, going with the flow.

After a complete rest, I woke up this afternoon feeling like doing a mad dash to do everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I arranged the clothes, organized the vanity table, arranged the growing collection of shoes, organized my study/working station. I even managed to list out my to-do’s for tonight and tomorrow.

My mom called me and I’m really thankful she did. Nowadays it is my family and a few friends from school who keep me sane. She asked me about the upcoming student publication tryout. I’m happy she’s still very supportive and still trying to understand me despite what happened. I’m somehow thankful what happened, happened. My mom and dad and I and my siblings grew closer to each other.

I’m feeling good tonight, too, as I am trying to be more understanding towards my husband. He had this very serious expression and I can tell something stresses him, so I got the massage ointment and offered him a backrub. I am trying to be more patient about marriage, too. From now on I will just be myself, for no matter what I do I will be criticized anyway. Civility is the key.

This is it for now. I’ll add another category to my posts about my married life. I’ll make writing regularly here as an outlet.


Figment of my Imagination

…a man I could be completely myself with. A man who I could be vulnerable around without the risk of looking weak.

Changes. Adjustments. I feel like I’m stuck and bound. Bound by what the society dictates as the norm.

And I can’t take it. I refuse to take it. I highly value my freedom. I do not just rejoice by the mere word of it, I taste it.

Let’s Talk About Milestones

…so far, so good.

Half a year went by and I:

  • was able to travel and visit the 11 island municipalities of Tawi-Tawi. {January-February}
  • was able to visit Iligan City again. {March}
  • measured just how strong I can be. {April 1}
  • exercised my right of suffrage as a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines. {May13}
  • got married. {May 17}
  • was able to enroll as a Bachelor of Science in Statistics student. {June}
  • bagged (officially) the Editor-in-Chief position in the MSU-TCTO student publication. {June}

I think I should learn how NOT to be contented. I think I should be hungry for more. My success has been long overdue. It should have been due much sooner. haha 😀