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What I’m Loving This December

…pinks and owls and Skittles!

I didn’t really shop much but R bought me a few goodies from his Davao trip.

Avirex Coat

Avirex Lady’s Belted Military Trench Coat

choco large_240_Hershey_Kisses_Bags hersheybar Chocolates

Assorted Chocolates


2 pcs. Maybelline BB Cream (Fresh Shade and Natural Shade)

Gray Agnes B. Backpack + Red Polka Dot Backpack


Disney’s Tiger Stuffed Toy

Blue/Gray Sneakers (his birthday gift!)

He recently bought me a matte brown Lacoste wallet (just coz he felt like buying me something – SIGH!).


I also love the United Colors of Benetton HOT perfume given by my cousin’s wife.

Red Skinnies

I received some cash from my grandpa and uncle, and I bought two colored jeans (red and tan) and a sheer hot pink blouse, MAC eyeliner in black, and a peach blush.

———Check out my updated Wish List page! :)———

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