The Emotional State Of Excitement Or Restlessness Which Comes With Hunting For The Perfect Planner

Whoa that was a very long blog post title! I could’ve used the word agitation but it would’ve been less interesting! 😉

So I spent nearly my entire day yesterday just making up my mind which 2013 planner to buy. I don’t feel so comfortable leaving the house without carrying a planner and a pen in my bag. I love making lists (to-dos, shopping, etc.) and I hate forgetting things. I’m a dork like that. And I’ve been like that since High School though I had just started using a planner since ’09.

  1. 2009 – Sterling Executive Planner (green)
  2. 2010 – Sterling Executive Planner (red)
  3. 2011 – Witty Will Save The World’s “Relaks, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo Sa Bituka” Planner
  4. 2012 – MoonLeaf Tea Shop Planner
  5. 2013 – Continue reading… 😉

Here’s my top 5 planners for 2013 (check out the links for photos!):

  • Witty Will Save The World 2013 Diary/Planner – It’s funny yet witty. It can cheer you up when you’re feeling blue about something that has happened in your day. Yours for Php399.
  • The Go Getter’s Planner – If you’re a go getter (who buys a planner who isn’t trying to be one?), this is yours for Php650.
  • The MoonLeaf Tea Shop 2013 Planner – The layout of the pages, simple. And the black cover, elegant. Yours for Php299.
  • Belle de Jour Power Planner – Wardrobe Checklist, Dream Board, Vacation Planner, Menstrual Tracker, Bills and Cash Flow Tracker, Coupons worth Php40k+, BDJ Lifestyle Card. Yours for Php598, Php648, or Php680 (depends on the cover material).
  • Belle de Jour “Eveything Is Possible” Planner – This is a very goals-oriented planner. The layout of the pages, simple and kinda professional.The company behind this planner’s objective is to influence you to simplify your life – to make simple goals, and to take one step closer towards each of them every single day. There’s no coupons inside though, and I think it doesn’t come with a BDJ Lifestyle Card either. But if being an achiever is your peg, then this one should be perfect for you. You can have this for Php598.

So I chose the Belle de Jour “Everything Is Possible” as my life map for 2013. I’m still hoping that when it arrives at my doorstep, when I finally open the package and scan the content of the planner, there’s at least a BDJ Lifestyle Card inserted somewhere in the pages. SIGH… crossing my fingers.

What I’m Loving This December

…pinks and owls and Skittles!

I didn’t really shop much but R bought me a few goodies from his Davao trip.

Avirex Coat

Avirex Lady’s Belted Military Trench Coat

choco large_240_Hershey_Kisses_Bags hersheybar Chocolates

Assorted Chocolates


2 pcs. Maybelline BB Cream (Fresh Shade and Natural Shade)

Gray Agnes B. Backpack + Red Polka Dot Backpack


Disney’s Tiger Stuffed Toy

Blue/Gray Sneakers (his birthday gift!)

He recently bought me a matte brown Lacoste wallet (just coz he felt like buying me something – SIGH!).


I also love the United Colors of Benetton HOT perfume given by my cousin’s wife.

Red Skinnies

I received some cash from my grandpa and uncle, and I bought two colored jeans (red and tan) and a sheer hot pink blouse, MAC eyeliner in black, and a peach blush.

———Check out my updated Wish List page! :)———

Do You Know How To Keep A Woman Happy?

I mean truly happy. Keeping a woman happy is common sense stuff, but many men get this all wrong.

  • #1- Confidence is king

Confidence is more attractive to a woman than money or good looks. Think about it. How often do you see an ugly guy with a beautiful woman? It’s pretty common. To make your woman happy, be yourself and be confident. You are good enough for her regardless of your financial status or physical attributes.

  • #2- Focus on the little things

Women keep score differently than men. In a woman’s eyes, you earn points regardless of how big something you do is. Buying her an expensive diamond necklace earns you no more points than calling her just to say you love her. If you want to keep a woman happy, do little things for her consistently rather than doing a big thing every once in a while.

  • #3- She needs appreciation

More than anything in a relationship, a woman needs to feel appreciated to be happy. Appreciation is even more important than chocolate or love in a woman’s eyes. Let her know you value all the little things she does for you like doing your laundry, fixing dinner, or leaving you cute notes.

  • #4- Give her the attention she deserves

When you’re with her, avoid staring at other women. Women constantly compare themselves to other women, and when you stare at other women when she’s around, you will make her feel as though she’s not good enough. You’re a man and you’re going to look. It’s part of your core being, but be conscious of it when she’s around and give her your full attention if you want to keep her happy.

  • #5- Laughter will win her heart

If you want to know how to keep a woman happy, make her laugh. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t be cute, silly, or even a little childish if it brings a smile to her face. You know the things that make her laugh so use them.

  • #6- Do something she loves even if you don’t

Maybe your girlfriend likes to ski or dance and you don’t. Make an effort to go with her sometimes even if you don’t enjoy it that much. Do it for her because you love her. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything she loves all the time, but show an interest in her passions. She’ll love you for it.

  • #7- Don’t get sloppy

Guys have a tendency to put a lot of effort into getting the girl, but once they have her they get sloppy. They stop doing the little things. They stop caring about their appearance. They stop appreciating her and start taking her for granted. If you want to keep a woman happy, don’t get sloppy. You can lose her in an instant.

  • #8- Get to know her family and friends

Women for the most part are social creatures. They rely on their friends and family to validate the choices they make in life. They want their boyfriends and husbands to have a relationship with their family and friends. Learning how to keep a woman happy will require making an effort to show an interest in your girl’s sphere of influence.

  • #9- Be considerate of her feelings

Women are more emotional than men. It’s not their fault. It just comes with being a woman. When you show her you understand this and are sensitive to her moods and don’t get upset or over-react, she’ll do everything she can to keep you.

  • #10- Spice it up

It’s natural for a relationship to lose some of its excitement over time. However, if you feel things getting stale, try something new. Maybe taking a class together to learn how to dance or do yoga. Do something neither of you have ever done, and do it together.

Some Things Are Your Business

Just because someone asks you a question, doesn’t mean you have to answer it. Obviously, out of respect for parents, you will often need to tell them what they want to know. But among friends some things are your own business.

You don’t need to always explain yourself. If your friends ask you:

  • Why do you wear this?
  • Why do you do that?
  • Why do you hang out with him?
  • Why do you listen to that stupid music?

You can sometimes say, “It suits me.” Or “I just like it.” Enough said.

You don’t have to spend your life explaining yourself or justifying why you do something. If you like to do something and it is not hurting anybody else, that’s perfectly okay.

Don’t Be Too Desperate

Never put your life on hold for anybody. Live your life in the present. Stay busy. Don’t hold your breath for anybody or anything.

If you are waiting for a friend to call, or waiting for a response to a job application, or a cheque in the mail, get on with your life.

All this defies logical explanation – but you probably recognize this principle in your own life. While you are desperate for something or somebody, nothing happens.

Trying Too Hard

Have you ever wondered why everyone loves babies? It’s partly because babies don’t care whether you like them or not. Babies eat, scream, make noises and make smells, and they don’t care.

Babies don’t try to impress people. When you are a baby, you don’t have to be cool or intelligent or sexy or smart.

Isn’t it fascinating? Babies don’t care what we think about them – and we love them for it!

There is something to learn from this. Be yourself. This doesn’t mean you should be rude or selfish. It does mean there’s such a thing as trying too hard.

What Others Think

Rule #1: Everyone won’t agree with you.

Rule #2: It’s okay.

Rule #3: Everyone won’t like you.

Rule #4: That’s okay too. You won’t die!

Do you care what other people think? Sure! We all do. We all want other people to think we are cool, smart, attractive and fun. But everyone is not going to like you. What do you do? GET OVER IT.