My Best Summer, Ever.

April 3

Clad in my Batawi ensemble, I arrived at Sir Mark’s front door 7:00am to get my hair and makeup done. By around 9:00am we went to the airport. With all our might we smiled, waved and welcomed the Malaysian Ambassadors to Tawi-Tawi. Gave away garlands to three foreign nationals.

April 4

Arrived at our meeting place, 3:00pm. Prepping for my hair and makeup. Got my Tambuli T-shirt. Meaning, Sir Mark’s already welcoming me as member of the troupe. I’m no mere apprentice anymore. Yey! And I made new friends within the troupe! Great night!

April 26

Our History 5 Prelim Exam result’s out! I got a perfect score! Yey!

May 4

I’ve seen my grades the past semester. I was deeply disappointed. I vowed to not let it happen again. R fetched me at the park. I drank Yeo’s Soya Milk Drink. I vowed for a second time that day, not to drink Yeo’s Soya Milk Drink ever again. It tastes that bad. We swam. I showed off my diving stunts. Hahha R drove me home. I borrowed him my right slipper. My right foot was slipperless all the way home. That was a first time. Lucky him.

May 5

Went Bud Bongao Trekking with the gang. I was the only girl in the group. It was somehow cool. We went back down before 1:00pm. I slept for a few hours. Then got ready to eat street food with the gang by the street, where else. But then Nazar invited us to his lil bro’s birthday. So we went. I enjoyed the food, especially the fried rice. After, we went to Kaibigan (an old hangout place a few walks from the bridge connecting Bongao and Sanga-Sanga). Chitchatted there for a few minutes. Then went home.

May 6

R fetched me around 7:00am. Went swimming. After, aimless driving. Then I shared a confidential secret. Confidential. Secret. Wow. Hahha Afternoon, went to see a drag race. First time. Thrilling to wait. Not satisfied with the result though. The race was poorly conducted. Could use a lot of improvements. Shared a follow-up confidential secret. Nyahahha

May 9

Our History 5 Midterm Exam result’s out! I got a perfect score, again! WOW!

May 10

I organized our class’ film showing. It was a success!